Buying A Home on 30A

    If you are considering purchasing a property along Scenic Hwy 30A then you should contact us prior to making a final decision about who will be respresenting you in that purchase. We spend 90% of our time as Buyers Agents and use our 22 years of living in the area to your benefit. We are Top Producing agents along Scenic Hwy 30A and take great pride in knowing the 30A market in great detail. We have all the necessary resources, such as lenders, insurance agents, inspectors and anything else needed to help make the buying process easy for you.  We go above and beyond and as a result most of our clients are now our Friends!

    The Buying Process:

    1) Start your real estate search:  It is a fact that almost 90% of all people begin their search for real estate online, so it is very important that you have the most up to date and current listings available. Our site is updated daily and has ALL listings in the area. You are free to use our site on your own or have us set up a serch for you that will notify you by email with any new listings or price reductions. If we set up a search for you matching your criteria, it will save you a lot of time and energy. Searching for real estate is exciting but can be very time consuming so let us make it easy for you.. Hopefully you will find the home that fits your needs and budget and we will move to step 2.

    2) Cash or Financing Now is the time to determine if you will be paying cash or obtaining financing. If your plans are to obtain financing then it is very important that you speak with some of our local lenders because they are so aware of the ever changing lending laws of the area.

    3) Making an offer:  This is where working with the right Real Estate Brokers makes a huge difference. You need someone who will walk with you step by step and provide you with adequate information to make an informed decision. We will be honest and make every effort to protect your best interest in this process.