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Everyone Can Have A Piece Of The Pie – At Bud & Alley’s Pizza Bar That Is!

A new chef has joined the crew at Bud & Alley’s Pizza Bar and has raised the already high bar on pizza along 30A.

When people think of 30A, many things come to mind: stunning white sand beaches, unique coastal dune lakes, luxurious homes and condos, amazingly fresh seafood…the list goes on. Pizza, however, is usually not on that list. The addition of Chef Phillip McDonald to the team at Bud & Alley’s Pizza Bar may just change that.

Phillip was born in Destin and has worked in many of the areas top restaurants like Cuvee Beach, Onano Criolla’s, and Fish out of Water. He took some time away from the area traveling around and researching pizza, as well as honing his culinary skills with some of the best chefs in New York.

What he has brought back with him and put into practice at Bud & Alley’s sounds absolutely amazing. The dough is hand made, and made fresh daily. So is the mozzarella cheese.

They. Make. Their. Own. Cheese.

As if that weren’t enough, the pizzas will include only the freshest and most authentic ingredients. All of this is then hand pressed and baked in a wood fired oven when you order.

The variety of offerings is quite extensive as well. You can get your typical pizza topings, but then you can also be more adventurous with over a dozen different “Red” and “White” pie offerings. Try experimenting with clams, local fresh seafood, even alligator on your pizza. Then wash it all down with your beverage choice from an extensive selections of beer and wines perfectly paired with Phillip’s inventive pies.

Check out their website by clicking HERE, and be sure to also visit the Taco Bar, and then take in a sunset while sampling your favorite libations on the Rooftop Bar.

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